Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Great Grandma Gardner's Photo Timeline

This photo is a copy of the original print that our family owns and the original glass plate negative is in the Solomon D. Butcher* collection of the Nebraska State Historical Society. It was taken in Custer County, Nebraska about 1886-87. My Great Grandmother was Effie Mae Copsey (the little girl in the photo who is holding her doll.)

I also own this large tintype of Grandma Effie which was taken from the original photo above of the sod house and family, but was probably made some time after the original glass plate. Notice that the colorist chose in this picture to leave out the cute doll by painting over it entirely!

Three dimensional framed collection made as a remembrance wall display of Grandma and her family.
"GARDNER FAMILY". The family of Willis David "Dave" and Effie Mae Copsey Gardner taken about 1922. Effie was the mother of 15 children, twelve who survived.    

Effie Mae Copsey Gardner photo was taken at the home of her daughter in Broken Bow, Nebraska in 1956. She passed away in 1957.

You might also enjoy my posting on The You Go Genealogy Girls blog: "Doing Honor to Family" which has more information about the sod house photo and about how my sister-in-law and I have honored these relatives and their families, in particular the George Albert Copsey family in the sod house photo above.

*Many of the original photos of Solomon D. Butcher may be found here on the Library of Congress, American Memory website.


  1. NICE post, Cheri. The sod house photo is such a treasure - and looks large for a typical sod house of that day? Also your framed remembrance is so nice; what a creative way to showcase her life. Another inspiring post!

  2. I am most interested in your Gardner connection.