Friday, October 7, 2011

Last Photos Before Mother Nature Brings Mr. Frost

Today I wandered the yard, mostly lamenting the fact that our garden is still full of tomatoes and other vegetables that will never get ripened. Our late and wet Spring set the garden process back by 2-3 weeks all season long. We have had a great harvest from the garden and shared with neighbors and family but the bounty still on the vine is unbelievable this year. I am making salsa again today and took a break to walk the yard and take pictures.

Over the coming weekend we are to finally get enough of a night time temperature drop to put an end to the growing season. Actually, we have been lucky though as our area of western Nebraska usually has the first heavy frost long before now.

Anybody want bushels of green tomatoes?
Waning beauties.

How did that imposter get in there?

We will be using that old sled before too long!

Darn squirrels!

Open season on squirrels....we like to eat the WHOLE thing.

Year three nurturing the asparagus. Next year we harvest, yeah!

Hope these babies ripen quickly.

Cherry tomatoes produced buckets full and have not quit yet.

How about fried green tomatoes?

and more!

Stuffed peppers are on the menu...and in the freezer.

He watches over the backyard jungle

Grandpa Moore's old paint scaffold ladder loves the wood vine!

Turning leaves off the deck.

Where have all the babies gone?


  1. You really do have a productive garden, the tomatoes and green peppers still look yummy. What?? no pumpkins???

  2. Sad time of year, to see it all come to an end. Love those beautiful red geraniums!