Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Trails Left Behind During the Last Days of Camping...2011

These are mostly pics along the shore and small inlets of Hemingford Reservoir taken during the last camp outing of the season. More signs of the summer high water can be often be seen as was the case in yesterday's photos along the tree line. All kinds of critters make their way to water during the night time hours and my Babee Girl sniffs out the trails they leave behind.

The deer and the worms all get thirsty!

Early fall rushes and willows

Deer trails in the sand

High water lines

Left behind

Badger tracks?

Coons must get thirsty too!

Moving towards dusk

Babee Girl is working the trail

Left over from summer high water


I worked so hard following all those trails, now it's nap time with Dad...

Old man winter will soon welcome the ice-fishermen to our little lake!

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