Sunday, October 2, 2011

Miss Canadian Mist Sharpei

One of my babies! "Misty" loves to travel with us and is such a good girl in the vehicle but a bit restless around camp. Dad can't walk away 20 feet with out her getting anxious because he is not close to her. Although a Sharpei mix, she inherited their extremely stubborn streak and we dare not unleash her in the outdoors or she would be off in a flash, forgetting where she was. Gruffy sounding voice and bark but the kindest hearted dog ever. She has grown up with our 8 grandchildren and loves them all, never a snap or even a growl. They sit on her and just move her "hulk" out of their way when playing. She is now 12 1/2 years old and slowing down...but she still loves her lick or two of the beer dribbles and boy can she work that bottle around to her advantage!

As some of you may know, I am part of the team of the You Go Genealogy Girls. Ruby, aka Girl #1 is a bad influence on our "Miss Misty" dog. Ruby comes to visit, gets the dog all riled up with play and wild footsie games...and who is the one who gets scolded? Misty loves to have her come visit though and assumes that any visitor to our door is there just to see her!

This is the closest thing I do to sharing of photos of my "children". Those of our real children and grandchildren, I do not share much online, so I hope you enjoy meeting our other "kids" as I will be showing more photos of all of them here from time-to- time!

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  1. My Misty ... such a beautiful dog. And yes we like to play footsie. Sorry I get you in trouble Misty!