Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hannah's Snake Bite Cure

Hannah Hyndman Lee was an early pioneer to Wyoming and she wrote this little tidbit about a method of snake bite cure which was found among her papers after her death in 1918 . It appears that Hannah may have copied it from an article in The Kansas City Star in 1902. I thought it was interesting and made this scrapbook page from her handwritten document.

 Hannah also wrote a lengthy journal which is in possession of our family about one of her trips to Wyoming from Iowa by covered wagon. The family settled in an area near Jackson Hole, Wyoming and later built a log cabin and lived near Albin, Wyoming. The full transcription of her journal and  the story of Hannah can be found here on my other blog: Those Old Memories.


!  The snake bite cure is presented only for its historical and genealogical value... do not rely on the cure.


  1. Chewing tobacco and onion juice! Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it! :) I love the scrapbook page - do you like any particular software to make your pages?

  2. Karen, I am an old stick in the mud and still use the old windows Digital Image Pro Suite and maintain an old computer for it as it will not work on Windows7. I also use Adobe elements 8 but the old DIP is so much more simple to use for quick projects... and has a larger working area. (I also did this slightly different for my own scrapbook, adding her photo to the page and like it better but I wanted to add the "Don't use this" clause here.)Thanks!

  3. Wow, this is a great piece of historical artifact! I'm just wondering where Hannah got those ideas? I mean, did she every try these methods for herself? Cause snake bites are not jokes. People should learn the most effective remedies for snake bites like these ones: